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Roofit.solar named Swedish Steel Prize 2019 finalist

Roofit.solar named Swedish Steel Prize 2019 finalist

For developing an innovative roofing product that successfully combines a highly effective solar panel with an architecturally attractive and environmentally friendly steel roof, Roofit.solar has been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2019.

The Swedish Steel Prize, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, aims to recognize the good engineering, cooperation and steel innovations that lead to a better and more sustainable world. Roofit.solar, from Estonia, is one of the four finalists for this year’s prize, which will be awarded during a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden on November 14. The award ceremony is part of a three-day event where hundreds of international participants will take part in seminars and a site visit at SSAB.

“Roofit.solar is a company that is only three years old, and was founded by Andri Jagomägi, who has 15 years of experience researching photovoltaic technology. When planning his own house, he wanted to use a metal roof, but also solar panels. He realized there was no, single, combined solution, so he started to experiment and figured out how to combine the materials.

At every stage, we try to find the most environmentally friendly solution,” says Anijalg. “This means all the materials have to support our vision. This is why steel is the one and only material we are using“.

“Our first customers are super enthusiastic and are really spreading the word because they know it will make a huge difference for themselves, and that they are using their long lasting steel roof for something good by drastically reducing CO2 emissions and helping in the fight against climate change,” explains Anijalg.

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